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About Us

How I Got Started

Batch by Ellen - Cookie Baker

In the early 2000s, I was a stay-at-home mom with three young children and baking was one of our favorite things to do together. Family, friends, neighbors and teachers were delighted to receive my home-baked, original recipe cookies as thank yous, PTA treats, holiday desserts and at classroom parties. When my kids moved from elementary school to middle school, the cookie gifts and donations didn’t stop, but they were now going to the middle school. The elementary school crowd missed the one-of-a-kind, chocolate chunk-pecan-toffee-sea salt cookie treats that were now known as “Schwab cookies” and I was approached quite often by former teachers asking if I would sell them. Through word-of-mouth and support from family, friends, neighbors, and teachers, in 2012, BATCH was born.

Sweet & Salty

What Makes This Combination So Irresistible?

Freshly baked oven fresh cookies.

Have you ever wondered why sweet and salty flavors go so well together? Here at Batch by Ellen, we knew there had to be a reason why our customers raved about the flavor of our cookies, which combine these two sensory-satisfying elements. Well, it turns out that science has an explanation for it! Humans have five primary tastes: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and umami. Over time, we have evolved to taste all these flavors with our taste buds. When you mix sugar with salt, salt enhances the flavor of the sugar. This is a process known as a flavor layering. The right combination of sweet and salty sends a positive biological response to our brain. Because we crave sugar for carbohydrates to give us energy and we crave salt for the nutrition we need, sweet and salty is a match made in heaven.

Cookie Comments

Cookies and Coffee

Our Happy Customers

Every party I’ve taken them to, everyone gobbled them up, and then wants more to take home.


Best cookie cake we ever had!


I asked my parents what to bring for Thanksgiving dinner. They said “Ellen‘s cookies”.


True story. I have some frozen to give my son each week for his locker and game day treats.


No one makes cookies like Ellen. No one! Her cookies are like experiencing an edible piece of heaven, sent here by angels.


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